A signal is a choice

On our next PNI call we are going to talk about the use of PNI for weak signal detection. I was thinking about this, and I realized that every time I hear those three words, a movie scene plays out in my mind. It goes like this. The astute detective and the...

PNI2 Call Recording April 11, 2018 – Project stories

Our PNI Institute call for April 11, 2018 was for trading stories about PNI projects. We talked about projects that surprised us, projects we were proud of, and projects we thought people needed to hear about. And of course we talked about what makes a good project...

Storytelling is the new normal?

Sometimes one gets an opportunity to use a channel to put things forward to an audience one never thought one would meet. Such an event happened last week when I was a guest for the second time in the GloComNet webinar series on Complexity and Uncertainty. The webinar is recorded in a brand new TV studio which can livestream 4K content. The webinars recordings have audiences up to 1500 people, so it was a real honour to be a guest.

The topic of this fifth episode was storytelling and complexity, which seems odd at first, since storytelling to most people is primarily known as a business method to deliver a message to an audience. Lately, Storytelling has almost replaced PowerPoint on congress podia. And today’s ads on TV or the internet must be “Stories” else – the marketing experts say – nobody takes them seriously (which I doubt, but alas).

Narrative Knowledge Management

We have been told by economic leaders, macro-economic models, the press, and politicians that we live in a globalized world, run by “hot money” capital systems, political superpowers, and large corporations. Dissident voices exist (see for example Doughnut Economics), but the globalised view is the dominant view. In everyday life, however, I observe something completely different. There, local forces and context matter. In this post I want to lay out a different image of the world, one that is more hopeful and human.

PNI call January 10: PNI and Narrative Inquiry

Our PNI Institute call on January 10, 2018 continued our Reading Club series and focused on a paper and video on the subject of Narrative Inquiry. I (Cynthia) started the discussion by noting something that had struck me as curious. When I was looking around the...