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Storytelling is the new normal?

Storytelling is the new normal?

Sometimes one gets an opportunity to use a channel to put things forward to an audience one never thought one would meet. Such an event happened last week when I was a guest for the second time in the GloComNet webinar series on Complexity and Uncertainty. The webinar is recorded in a brand new TV studio which can livestream 4K content. The webinars recordings have audiences up to 1500 people, so it was a real honour to be a guest.

The topic of this fifth episode was storytelling and complexity, which seems odd at first, since storytelling to most people is primarily known as a business method to deliver a message to an audience. Lately, Storytelling has almost replaced PowerPoint on congress podia. And today’s ads on TV or the internet must be “Stories” else – the marketing experts say – nobody takes them seriously (which I doubt, but alas).

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