Two big changes are taking place in our monthly PNI Institute Zoom calls.

  1. We’re moving the time from 10 am to 2 pm NY time, due to conflicts with other things. The calls will still be on the second Wednesday of every month.
  2. We are switching from posting written notes to posting audio recordings.

At first we didn’t want to record audio because we thought it might make the call too formal and less fun. But it’s been almost two years, and the people who come on regularly don’t mind, and the person who types up the notes (that’d be me) is getting really tired of doing it. So starting next month we will be posting an audio recording of each call, with only a brief summary of what went on.

A new series of topics

We were supposed to talk about “PNI stories” on our last call (in March), but we ended up talking about a lot of meta things instead (including these changes). We decided that after the delayed PNI-stories call (now scheduled for April) we are going to start a new series of topics based on the “Why work with stories?” list from Working with Stories, thus:

  1. Finding things out: Research and discovery with PNI
  2. Catching emerging trends: Weak signal detection with PNI
  3. Making decisions: Decision support with PNI
  4. Getting new ideas: Innovation and future planning with PNI
  5. Resolving conflicts: Dialogue and understanding with PNI
  6. Connecting people: Community building and maintenance with PNI
  7. Helping people learn: Knowledge management and organizational learning with PNI
  8. Enlightening people: Advocacy and education with PNI
  9. Combinations of “Why work with stories”

Have a look at the event calendar to jot down the dates now.

We welcome you to our lively discussions!