The saying is right: a fool with a tool is still a fool. Some say that a fool with a tool is even a more dangerous fool.  No sane person would use a hammer to open an egg.

Tools are instruments in PNI, not goals; and the same holds for software tools. Tools can be helpful, and sometimes even essential, to run a project well. But when used the wrong way, they can kill a project or ruin an application development effort.

The recent arrival of NarraFirma (from the hands of PNI founder Cynthia Kurtz) and the comparison of PNI toolsets by another PNI founder (StoryConnect) seem a good occasion to make tools the subject of the PNI Hangout next Friday.

  • Date Friday November 13
  • Time California 7 00 New York 10 00 London 15 00 Amsterdam 16 00 South Africa 17 00 Melbourne 02 00 (Saturday)
  • Place PNI Hangout on Google

During the hangout ….

  • Cynthia will give a brief overview of NarraFirma, what it can do and can’t do for you.
  • We will discuss this and the other PNI toolsets in the comparison with the aim to understand and improve it.
  • We will identify gaps and opportunities about what and how people want to learn about the use of these toolsets in projects.

We hope to meet you there.