It has been a very busy summer for personal and business reasons. So I’m still in the doghouse to do that write-down of the previous call on needs. Hope to finish that before the end of the month. Still all that is no reason not to announce the next call:

  • Date Friday August 12
  • Time California 7 00 New York 10 00 London 15 00 Amsterdam 16 00 South Africa 17 00 Melbourne 02 00 (Saturday)
  • Place We use Zoom. Please follow this link. You will need to download the Zoom client. Here is a video that shows you how to join the meeting.

The topic of the call will be roadmap/agenda setting for the remaining months of 2016. Usually that means we spend a few minutes on mentioning topics and next set off to discuss the one that seems most urgent or appealing.

So cordially invited, from the Dog House.