During the last PNI Institute call I said I would do the write-up. This week I was officially put in the Institute’s doghouse for failing to live up to that promise. The write-up is maybe finished halfway while the next call is only two days away. I’m sorry about this. The upside is that business was too demanding lately ….

Last meetings topics was “needs”. Needs of participants, customers, facilitators, etc. All that needs to be said here is that we had a valuable exchange and decided we would continue the discussion in the next call.

So here we go. The call will be at:

  • Date Friday June 17
  • Time California 7 00 New York 10 00 London 15 00 Amsterdam 16 00 South Africa 17 00 Melbourne 02 00 (Saturday)
  • Place We are using Zoom. Please follow this link to get started. You will need to download the Zoom client. Here is a video that shows you how to join the meeting.

Looking forward to a lively conversation and a valuable exchange of experiences and insights.