Our last PNI2 Hangout featured a demonstration of the new NarraFirma software. We had a lively discussion about the software and what it can be used for, and some excellent ideas were shared. (The person who usually takes notes was showing off the software, so we don’t have a detailed record this time.)


… work

Our next hangout will be on the topic of how PNI fits into the larger milieu of “story work,” which encompasses several fields, such as:

  • organizational storytelling
  • business storytelling
  • oral history
  • narrative therapy
  • participatory theatre
  • narrative inquiry
  • folklore studies

… that is, anything related to stories. We invite people from the PNI community as well as from related approaches to explore with us.

The call will be at:

  • Date Friday December 11
  • Time California 7 00 New York 10 00 London 15 00 Amsterdam 16 00 South Africa 17 00 Melbourne 02 00 (Saturday)
  • Place PNI Hangout on Google