Our first PNI2 hangout will be on Friday, June 5, at:

  • California 7 00
  • New York 10 00
  • London 15 00
  • Amsterdam/South Africa 16 00
  • Melbourne 24 00

We will be discussing and deciding which (one or more) of these theme sets (or others) we will use to frame our future talks.

  1. PNI applied to various industries/endeavors – e.g., health care, development, pharmaceuticals, defense, emergency services, transportation, mining, education, governance
  2. PNI applied to various functions/issues – e.g., customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, retention, work-life balance, community development, urban planning, conflict resolution, safety, training, organizational learning, organizational culture
  3. PNI applied to various global challenges – e.g., poverty, conflict, crime, climate change, pollution, environmental destruction, water issues, discrimination, radicalization, inequality
  4. Connecting PNI with various fields and approaches – e.g., narrative therapy, narrative inquiry, participatory theatre, qualitative research, appreciative inquiry, Most Significant Change, participatory mapping, participatory rural appraisal, asset-based community development
  5. The PNI phases – planning, collection, catalysis, sensemaking, intervention, return
  6. Practical issues carrying out PNI projects – e.g., creating projects people want to participate in, selling projects (to clients, funders, and/or participants), dealing with sensitive issues, handling power differences, helping people feel safe to speak, proving the worth of the method, showing results, building one’s practice

If you want to help determine the direction of the PNI2 hangouts, join us!

We will be talking on our Mumble server. To join, download the Mumble client here, then enter the server name “pni2.mumble.com” and the port “7654”. The password is “stories.”

Hope to “see” you there!

Technical note: In our first testing of Mumble, there was an issue with people not being heard (literally, I mean). A Mumble tech person helped us solve the problem by having the silent person use the “Push to talk” setting. So if you join us but nobody can hear you, try that solution.