In the Netherlands we seem to have a quite unique habit to call the IT industry the ICT industry, where the C stands for Communication. Personally I don’t believe IT helps in any way to improve communication, but one can have contact easier than say two decades ago. So far I will give in.

Still, for me ICT stands for Infrastructural Commodity Technologies. These are – as I tend to add in the same breath – gas, water, electricity, cars, computing and data-transfer. These seem to be the strongest examples of widespread mature technologies that are (or better should be) available to anyone worldwide.

18243882_mlWell, the last 48 hours we discovered that at least that doesn’t hold for I(C)T. After a simple upgrade from WordPress 4.0 to 4.1 the infamous white screen of death appeared on Thanks to the skills of Matthijs van Garderen of HalfPi Media service was restored this afternoon.

We apologize for any inconveniences and hope it won’t happen again. However, as said above, it seems IT is still a bit of the exception amongst the Infrastructural Commodities. And while a car breakdown – as in the picture – is a rare thing these days, I’m pretty sure that one day we will be hit again.