List of blogs to do

This page is and should stay DRAFT. Here we collect our ideas for future blogs (by person). Comment on each others ideas (all) and we move published blog topics  to the bottom of this page when they are published.

List of ideas


  • Search for guest bloggers
  • Membership structure
  • Forum announced
  • Book reviews
  • PNI Hall of Fame 🙂
  • PNI Prize?
  • Relations to other methods (such as System Dynamics). In general I think that a big boon for our “parallel voice” could be if we were honouring other methods by discussion their relation/useful combination with PNI. See Skype for more on that.

Aiden Choles

  • Researching means to therapeutic ends* (published Oct 9, 2014)
  • Narratives as the gateway to a world – integrating Heidegger’s ontology
  • Using PNI to rehumanise organisational worlds
  • There’s nothing special about my story – reflections on how people downplay their life stories in group contexts
  • Using stories to build systems dynamics models in education
  • How we ‘story’ our environment and adaptive capacity

Ron Donaldson

Cynthia Kurtz

  • Siblings? (no I’m going to put those on my blog to match the other stuff there)
  • On “detecting” weak signals
  • Maybe I’ll bring back something about the social simulation for sensemaking paper
  • A start on the translation dictionary – I’d like to do a long series of these connecting PNI with dozens of other methods/approaches – seems appropriate here

TOP innosense – Harold, Marco, Erwin

  • On the usefulness of triads (Harold) <– With Cynthia?
  • On the orientation of instruments (left-right, top-down, etc)
  • Continuous PNI (Child and Hospital)
  • The user design psychology of a Storyonaire (Marco)
  • Cynefin and Confluence and other frameworks.


  • Blogs on individual journeys with and into PNI